Getting started with Boxcar Developer Console

Boxcar Console is your control center to manage Boxcar Developer Push features, register your client applications, troubleshoot and analyse the impact of your notifications on your user base.

Note: If you are a Boxcar iOS client user, you are probably looking for to the Boxcar iOS client API, not the Boxcar Push Developer API. You can for example, use the API to send a notification on your own mobile in Boxcar.


As a developer, the first thing to do is to:

  1. Create a account for your company on Boxcar Console. Creating a developer account is free.
  2. Configure push console to be up and running and be ready to send notifications to your applications.
  3. Integrate Boxcar SDK in your mobile application.

    Once, you have a account on Boxcar console, you can download one of our mobile SDK: SDK Downloads

    Here are direct links to mobile SDKs documentation:

  4. Integrate with publisher API to send push from your back-end system to your own iOS applications. This is server-side API calls. This is an optional step, as you can send push using Boxcar Push Console form. Make sure you have created a publisher in console and try the example scripts provided on your publisher page before getting to more complex API calls.


The platform offer a realtime developer console that allows you to get information on the call being made to the API.

We also have a FAQ available on our support site that guide you through the most common issues.


Our platform offers realtime analytics that give you feedback on:

  • What is currently being send to users.
  • How your users are interacting with the push notifications.