New statistics tool to monitor your projects at Boxcar for Developers

We have released a new set of graphic charts on Boxcar Console to monitor the evolution of your projects. In this post, we explain the basic features and how to use this new tool.

Device based metrics

The initial set of metrics published on Boxcar Console is based on different daily computations over the set of registered devices within a project. Metrics are available in the Metrics button, under each project panel as seen from the Dashboard page:

Metrics button

The list of available metric types is as follows:

Single vs Multiple category metrics

If you browse our metrics, you will notice some types show one single time series chart while others show two. The explanation for this is that we tried to offer an improved usability for metrics with multiple categories per measure. Take for example subscriptions per tag (explained below): each daily measure involves a counter for each tag you have defined in your project. The pie chart on the left shows the last available measure (following our example, how many subscribers were found for each tag today). The line graph shows the evolution over the selected period. One series per category (tag name, in our example).

You can also drill down (see a selected data value with finer detail) clicking on a slice of the pie chart. Both graphs will update accordingly. The finest grain will be the category specific for the metric type. By default the drill down grouping is as follows: Client Application -> Metric category. For example, if you select devices by country metric type, you will see it first the number of devices grouped by client application name. Clicking (drilling down) on a given client application, you will see the number of devices per country. Other grouping schemes include: OS -> Client Application -> Metric category.

Count devices per app

This metric shows how many devices are registered for each client application defined in the project.

Devices grouped by client application

Devices by OS version

Counts how many devices use the same operating system version, for each different version seen within the set of registered devices. This metric allows you to drill down by major, minor and release version of each OS version.

Devices by operating system version

Devices by application version

Similar to Devices by OS version, but this time each category represents the version string of your client application. For instance, by default our Android SDK sends the version set on your AndroidManifest.xml file every time your application registers to Boxcar Push Service. This is the value used to build each category. This metric allows you to drill down by major, minor and release version of each application version (assuming versions use the scheme MajorNr.MinorNr.BuildNr).

Devices that have push enabled

This a simple metric useful for iOS devices. Every time the user disables push on his iOS device, we do our best effort to detect that and notify the Boxcar Push Service. This information shows how many registered devices have push notifications feature set on.

Devices subscribed to at least one tag

How many devices are registered and subscribed to one or more explicit tags.

Devices subscribed to at least one tag

Subscriptions per tag

How many subscriptions were seen for each tag defined in your project. It is important to note that susbcription is not a synonym of device. A single device could be registered to multiple tags, thus, it would be counted multiple times, once for each tag where it did register. Each tag is represented as a different graph category.

Subscriptions per tag grouped by client application

iOS Demo App subscriptions per tag

Histogram of simultaneous subscriptions per device

This metric creates a discrete distribution of devices based on the number of simultaneous tag subscriptions. This means that each category represents the number of simultaneous tags a device is registered to, and the value represents a percentual magnitude. The sum of all categories in a single day should always be 1 (100%). Overall, this metric should give you an idea of how much your application users are open-wide to your application topics.

Note: the first pie chart is intended to select the desired client application. After drilling down, you will see the metrics distribution.

Devices by country

A counter of registered devices per country.

Registered devices by country