Android SDK 3.1.2 released

We have just released Boxcar Android SDK version 3.1.2. This version improves functionality and usability for the application developer, making it more flexible for specific scenarios. It also upgrades Android and Google library dependencies and reduces code size.

Boxcar Framework v3.1.2 includes the following changes:

Allow to handle raw push data

We do offer a hook method (that is, it has a default implementation, so the developer doesn’t need to be aware of it unless he needs a different behavior) to allow receiving the raw payload from GCM / ADM allowing to pass or skip the notification strategy.

We do also pass the raw bundle object from the incoming gcm push on the notification event.

Pass current token identifier string on the registration event

That way the developer has a chance to retrieve the token without the need to suffer the penalty of a disk read.

Enhance server error messages

Allow the developer to inspect http error code and message in case of error response from boxcar server.

Javadoc improvements and fixes

Explain which api methods are not recommended to be called from ui thread.

android:allowBackup removed from SDK library manifest

It clashes with the same permission if declared on the client app.

Upgrade support-v4 library

Now SDK depends on android support-v4 v23.0.1.

Upgrade google and google-play services


Configuration object now uses a default push endpoint

The configuration object asumes endpoint for Universal Boxcar Push Service at, thus avoiding the developer to configure it manually on the application delegate.

Code clean-up

Remove unused classes, dependencies and fix lint warnings. Drop org.apache.httpcomponents:httpcore:4.4.3 dependency.

Demo changes

  • Adds action to demo receiver: needed for pre-4.4 KitKat devices

  • Remove InboxActivity from demo

  • Minor code clean-up

The new SDK is available in our Boxcar Maven Repository at and also on the developer download area.