New Boxcar Android SDK 3.0.1 and 2.0.5 released

We have just released new versions of the Boxcar Android SDK. Version 3.0.1 includes a new feature while the 2.0.5 version adds an important bugfix.

SDK v3.0.1

Boxcar Framework v3.0.1 includes the following changes:

Ability to let client application to read and set the badge amount at any time

  • SDK 3 adds functionality to read and write the badge counter for a current device token:

      Boxcar.setBadge(Context context, int count)
      Boxcar.getBadge(Context context)

This set of methods replaces the now deprecated Boxcar.cleanBadge(Context context), equivalent to Boxcar.setBadge(context, 0).

Demo changes

  • adds a missing uses-permission for C2D_MESSAGE on AndroidManifest.xml

The new SDK is available in our Boxcar Maven Repository at and also on the developer download area.

SDK v2.0.5

Boxcar SDK v2 was also updated with a bugfix:

Do not crash when a ‘control’ push message is sent by the new Google GCM API

  • new Google GCM API (aka GCM 3) can send a push message to tell the client to renew the token. However SDK v2.* relies on a former GCM client and it handles this push like a regular notification message sent by Boxcar platform, possibly making the application crash. This release fixes this issue. We still recommend to migrate to Boxcar Android SDK 3.0.1 which relies on the newly released GCM client libraries for GCM 3.